The Money Heist franchise has left TV screens and become a mobile game

The Money Heist franchise has left TV screens and become a mobile game
The year has not yet begun, but Netflix added a new addition to its extensive collection of games based on popular TV shows. This time, the attention of developers from the internal studio Netflix Game Boss Fight has been attracted by the series “Money Heist” (“Money Heist” in the Spanish version), or rather, its recently released spin-off “Money Heist Berlin”, telling about the events that preceded 1 season of the series.

Strictly speaking, the game was released for Android in mid-December last year, and on January 4, Money Heist: Ultimate Choice appeared on App Store, where it immediately took the12th place in the TOP RPG games. However, you don’t have to be familiar with the series to appreciate the new product; those who haven’t watched it but love puzzles will definitely be interested in the game.

Money Heist Ultimate Choice

In the prequel game, created in the genre of crime RPG, the gamer is given a choice: become a lone avenger hero who seeks to deal with the offenders of his family, or join the Professor’s team and, together with other familiar characters, begin a grandiose mission, having previously trained well easier tasks like keyboard hacking and other mini-games.

By the way, be careful when choosing an answer in dialogues! By communicating with other characters during the interactive game, you can turn them against you or become part of the gang, which will certainly affect the course of events.

The game will be free for Netflix subscribers. You just need to download it to your Android or iOS to immerse yourself in an exciting, partly romantic adventure full of puzzles and difficult situations.
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