Two versions of Dead God Land: Light Survival have released on Android

Two versions of Dead God Land: Light Survival have released on Android
December 26, 2023 was marked for gamers by the release of a mobile survival game that includes elements of construction, crafting and RPG, Dead God Land: Light Survival. The action game created by DevVision Games is available for download on Android devices in paid and free versions.

Events take place in the world that collapsed in the fire of the Apocalypse and passed into the hands of the frightening ancient Gods. Surviving people have to face dangers every minute, look for resources, build shelters, erect protective fences for more effective protection, craft bladed weapons and firearms and armor, and endlessly fight zombies and other equally dangerous enemies.

The interest of the game is added by notes found in unexpected places that can shed light on the history of the Apocalypse, ancient drawings for assembling items important for survival, and various tasks for completing which you will receive a reward from merchants roaming the world.

The premium version allows the player to:

  • Get a starter set for a more interesting game;
  • Restore weapons, equipment and clothing damaged in battles on a special repair table;
  • Recharge with free energy every weekend and spend less time restoring it;
  • Purchase sales twice as often;
  • Get all things back if the main character dies.

In the free version, gamers will have to put up with ads. They also have in-app purchases up to $119.99.

Common to both options will be:

  • An open world full of interesting locations for exploration, each of which is densely filled with enemies of all kinds;
  • The ability to choose a character from several classes, endowed with their own unique skills;
  • Multiplayer or single player mode.

It is not yet known whether the game will be available on iOS.
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