Honkai: Star Rail gets even more exciting with new patch 1.6

Honkai: Star Rail gets even more exciting with new patch 1.6
Action adventure with RPG elements Honkai: Star Rail has received a series of impressive improvements, the official release of which will take place on December 27, but you can download update 1.6 on Android, iOS and PC now. The developers claim that all the innovations of the patch have been made based on the wishes of gamers, and also advise using Wi-Fi, because the file has turned out to be heavy.

Honkai Star Rail

A whole series of innovations will affect many aspects of the game. So, three new characters will be introduced:

  • Ruan Mei, which increases the speed of allies and allows them to inflict additional damage on opponents, breaking through their vulnerabilities and resistance.
  • Xuei, which depletes the enemy's stamina, regardless of the type of vulnerability.
  • Doctor Ratio, who performs bonus attacks after his own or allied attacks.

Fresh missions will become available, for example, “Crown of Mortal and Divine” or “Gold and Gears”, and the completion of one of them will lead the gamer to the beginning of another, and the new game mode “Pure Fiction”, after completing the second phase will bring the player the character Lynx.

Thanks to the improvements, you will be able to:

  • Feel like the owner of cute but naughty animals that have flooded the space station, or become a test subject of the ecology department, whose employees decided to test the smell that causes hallucinations.
  • Explore new locations – an isolated zone with strange anomalies, a distribution center, a pharmaceutical office, an incubator.
  • Complete the tests of the Hall of Oblivion at an accelerated pace and gain new levels 11 and 12 in Memories of Chaos.
  • Find out more detailed information about your opponents before the start of the fight.
  • Complete 8 daily missions instead of 6, increasing experience and the amount of resources obtained, and daily missions will be provided to choose from, and not randomly drop out.
  • Complete a separate energy expenditure task in the “Honor of the Nameless” section, introduced instead of Today’s missions.
  • Upgrade Light Cones and Traces using the resource “Tears of Dreams”.
  • Increase the number of fighters in the formed units to 9.

Not all innovations will appear immediately. Doctor Ratio, for example, will only become available in the second phase of the update in January 2024.
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