Lead the battle against zombies in Lost Future on Android

Lead the battle against zombies in Lost Future on Android
The free mobile survival simulation game Lost Future, which has been released on iOS in September this year, is finally available for download on Android devices via Google Play, but not in every country. Experienced gamers advise downloading it by connecting to free VPN servers in Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand or Canada.

The game takes place in the foothills of the Appalachians in a post-apocalyptic world, where the remnants of humanity, almost destroyed by a formidable virus, are desperately trying to survive, simultaneously clearing the earth from former brothers turned by the infection into the living dead, and trying to get to the root of what happened.

Lost Future

Gamers will:

  • Create their own avatar, choosing skills and weapons for it;
  • Improve the skills of the selected hero;
  • Look for resources for survival, including water and food;
  • Explore a futuristic world lying in ruins;
  • Set up a shelter for their supporters and develop crafts;
  • Create equipment and weapons;
  • Destroy hordes of militant zombies and fight with bandits or run and hide if the forces are unequal;
  • Go through various small missions, solving the mystery of the origin of the virus.

Lost Future is an open-world game with a third-person view. Avatar control is completely manual and smooth. Gamers who managed to download Lost Future in the fall rated it quite highly in App Store – 4.2 points out of possible 5. Special admiration was given to the realistic console-level graphics, which some gamers even called with the loud word “ideal”, spectacular animation and a deep, well-developed plot that develops a real dramatic story for the player. True, they say that there were some bugs.
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