With a sword against the orcs – mobile EOS: Idle Warrior invites gamers to battle

With a sword against the orcs – mobile EOS: Idle Warrior invites gamers to battle
The Echo of Soul franchise, which captured the hearts of gamers back in 2013, received another continuation in the form of the mobile game EOS: Idle Warrior and a soft launch that started on December 7 in Singapore Google Play.

As it is clear from the title, this is an Idle game without an open world, in which each transition to a new location will have to be earned by killing monsters left and right with a heavy sword and surviving the final battle with the “boss of bosses”. By the way, the latter results in not only advancement, but also an impressive collection of awards.

At the same time, the player will collect the resources necessary to level up the character – currency, gold, crystals, which will change from level to level. Moreover, according to the creators of the game, all this can be farmed offline, so that participants who are not able to devote enough time to EOS: Idle Warrior due to a busy schedule will not feel disadvantaged. To achieve progress, they only need to appear in the game from time to time. A few more words about leveling up: automatic battles, which fill the gameplay, will help promote it.

Collisions with players from all over the world through PvP battles will be stimulated by a rating system, and the winners will receive top places on the honor board.

At the moment, positive feedback from gamers has been received by:

  • High-quality modern graphics of the MMORPG EOS Red level, created based on the EOS Original IP.
  • An abundance of weapons that the character can use in his hunt for goblins and orcs. It is assumed that there will be 10 types and 7 classes of equipment, which will provide the hero with almost unlimited growth.
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