Applications for beta testing of Warframe Mobile for Android are now open

Applications for beta testing of Warframe Mobile for Android are now open
The developer of the popular futuristic shooter Warframe, the Canadian studio Digital Extremes, which a little earlier announced testing the game on iOS, has adapted it for Android and officially opened the registration for applications. True, this does not apply to everyone: gamers from some countries are currently not allowed to participate. Although there are already lucky ones who claim that they were able to bypass this obstacle using VPN configured for the desired country and a clean browser (or their own one, but with cleared cookies). In particular, applications from the USA, Norway, and India are definitely accepted.

One more requirement: for the choice to fall on the player, he must have an account in Warframe, so it is better to register it in advance. If you are chosen from among many candidates to participate in the closed beta testing, a notification email will be sent to the email address specified in your account, after which you will need to install Warframe on your Android. Please be patient in advance, this will take more than one hour.


Since the ABT will be cross-platform, you can play not only from mobile devices, but also from consoles and PCs. There will also be controller support, but donations will be temporarily turned off. The progress made will not be saved; it will be reset immediately after testing is completed.

The developers have not said how long the ABT will last. It is only known that the ABT for iOS should be completed before the beginning of December, the release is scheduled for February 24 and testing and release for Android will be shifted to a later date. Just in case, gamers who are not included in the selection are advised to continue to check their email periodically, as inactive accounts will be turned off to make room for new players, so the chance will remain until the end of the testing period.
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