Anyone can try themselves as a beta tester for MMORPG Revelation M

Anyone can try themselves as a beta tester for MMORPG Revelation M
The mobile game Revelation M from Chinese developer NetEase Games has entered the beta testing stage, in which anyone can take part by simply downloading the client to their Android device via Google Play or to iOS via App Store after installing TestFlight.

Revelation M is MMORPG with all the advantages of the genre and several unique additions. Players will explore a huge open world, traveling through several well-designed locations, including flying into the skies and diving into the depths of the ocean. The creators promise gamers a complete immersion into a new reality due to excellent graphics and a completely new gaming experience.

Revelation M

The complex character creation system, designed to take avatar personalization to a new level, surpassing all previously existing ones, also attracts attention. In particular, it will be possible to work out in detail the image of your future hero, right down to sculpting his face, and put on him a fashionable suit personally designed by the gamer. The situation is even more interesting with non-player characters, the creation of which is connected to AI, which opens up simply enormous opportunities.

In addition to PvP and PvE battles, you can engage in completely peaceful activities, devoting yourself to the career of a singer, a cook, or choosing another job from a whole list, which even includes... the position of a vigilante. Communicate with other players, take part in battles, make business connections, creating a complex system of interaction and getting a lot of vivid impressions!

The CBT will last until December 4, after which all progress made by players will be reset. However, do not be upset about the loss of in-game purchases, since after the release they will all be returned in game currency with pleasant bonuses.

Let us remind you that Revelation M was previously available only in Asian countries, so it is not yet known for certain whether its characters will speak Chinese or receive English voice acting.
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