The drying cyberpunk world awaits salvation in the game Cyber Rebellion on iOS and Android

The drying cyberpunk world awaits salvation in the game Cyber Rebellion on iOS and Android
November 10, 2023 was marked for gamers around the world with the release on iOS and Android of a new strategy, Cyber Rebellion, from publisher Neocraft Limited, which added to the Cyberpunk Heroes Collection. The plot of the game, as you might guess, develops in the cyberpunk world, the action takes place in the year 2177.

If you believe the promises of the developers and representatives of the App Store, where Cyber Rebellion can already be downloaded for free, the game is literally imbued with impressive visual effects and mesmerizing cyberpunk aesthetics enchanting with the gameplay itself, supported by console graphics, promises to leave great impression on gamers. They will have to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the city of Skyfall, the gates of which are about to tremble under the blows of alien invaders who are moving around the dying world in search of resources, and give them a worthy rebuff.

Cyber Rebellion

Players will:
  • Explore the world engulfed by the Apocalypse and the α virus;
  • Restore dying locations and protect them from raids;
  • Continuously stock up on resources, including offline, building supply chains to supply your territories;
  • Collect warriors with unique abilities;
  • Find allies and partners for competitions or heated battles shoulder to shoulder;
  • Fight dangerous enemies and win turn-based battles;
  • Receive rewards, bonuses and upgrade your hero for a fight with the main enemy.
Interesting fact! Leveling up involves installing cyber prosthetics and freely manipulating the character's beadle to use the optimal abilities for a given mission.

Everyone will have a difficult choice from a huge number of new types of cyber weapons and skills that they possess, as well as the opportunity to join the game with people from different parts of the planet.
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