The maniac in the hockey mask is on the hunt again in Slayaway Camp 2

The maniac in the hockey mask is on the hunt again in Slayaway Camp 2
The original 2017 cubic action game Slayaway Camp from the Blue Wizard Digital studio, loved by many gamers and received more than one update, which acquired a full-fledged and very promising sequel this fall, will be available to be downloaded on Android and iOS in no time.

To create it, the developers of Blue Wizard Digital decided not to rely solely on their own strengths, but teamed up with Netflix, which, firstly, was reflected in the rather peculiar name of the sequel (it reads “Slayaway Camp 2: Netflix & Kill”), and secondly, on access to the game, which requires an active subscription to Netflix. On the one hand, this may cause problems for some gamers, on the other hand, it guarantees the absence of in-game purchases, which is good news.

Slayaway Camp 2 Netflix & Kill

The creators of the new game made every effort to preserve the style and spirit of the original, seeking to reproduce the atmosphere of the cult slasher films of the 70s with an emphasis on darkness and measure. The same studio, by the way, had serious plans for a full-fledged Friday the 13th! game, which were put an end to licensing difficulties, but this did not stop the developers of Slayaway Camp from drawing inspiration from the cult horror film.

In the new part of the game, gamers will again have to try on – of course, in a figurative sense – the mask of Jason Voorhees and try to brutally and bloodily clear the camp of the young people vacationing in it.

Moving through the cells of the map, the maniac will undergo various tests, receive stars, collect hidden weapons, release other killers, supernatural monsters and ghosts, who will contribute to the bacchanalia that take place on the playing field. Thus, they may be endowed with the ability to turn their victims into zombies or other unexpected talent. In case the tasks seem too difficult for players, a preview with solutions is provided.
At the moment, the game Slayaway Camp 2 is already available for download on Android.
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