Apple is developing a chatbot that can compete with ChatGPT

Apple is developing a chatbot that can compete with ChatGPT
Apple is interested in creating artificial intelligence, but does not advertise it. Until now, the company has not shown explicit interest in AI technologies, significantly lagging behind giants like OpenAI and Google in this regard, but this may change soon.

This has been recently announced by Mark Gurman, citing reliable sources in the company. According to Bloomberg's columnist, Apple is not just planning, but has already developed software called Ajax, suitable for creating large language models similar to the one ChatGPT operates on, and has also started testing its own chatbot.

However, judging by the lack of specific statements from official Apple representatives who did not mention AI even at the WWDC 2023 conference, the company currently lacks a clear strategy for integrating new developments into its product system. In addition, a number of issues remain unresolved - for example, with the protection of user data, and the chatbot itself is still more of an experiment, with limited access for a select group of engineers.

Apple AI chatbot

Furthermore, there is a ban on using AI in any way in the development of consumer products. However, work in this direction is underway, although the results will not be presented to the general public until 2024. This aligns with Apple's usual tactic of allowing each new technology to fully mature before openly announcing it.

What is known at the moment:

  • The Apple chatbot is not a technical breakthrough, but rather is a copy of successfully working analogues and currently has a simplified design. Several interconnected teams are working on its development, each focused on its area.
  • The idea of development was stimulated by the fear of the company losing ground in the technology race, ignoring the increasingly prominent role of AI and machine learning in advanced digital devices.
  • There is evidence that some AI-related improvements have already been implemented in Apple Maps and Siri, but they are being tested in a closed mode, inaccessible to regular users.

Even with such vague information, Apple's stocks rose by 2.3%, indicating that the company is moving in the right direction.
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