Adobe will add AI image generator to Photoshop

Adobe will add AI image generator to Photoshop

What kind of function is it?

The new artificial intelligence tool in Photoshop is designed primarily to speed up the work with images. So, the pictures can be expanded much faster if necessary. It will also become easier to add objects to them, as well as remove them, guided by text prompts.

Generative Fill or Generative Fill works just like other Photoshop tools. Namely, in the image file, changes happen in layers. In the nuances, the process differs, depending on the task.

Adobe Photoshop AI image generator

For example, if you want to perform a stroke, that is, expand the borders; there are three scaling methods to choose from. The system is able to do the task on its own. The user leaves the field blank and the scaling is done automatically. However, you can also set the direction, make instructions. And then the task will be performed more specifically.

By the way, to get an idea of the new feature, you can think of such a tool as Content-Aware Fill. However, when using Generative Fill, much more possibilities and control open up.

Features of using AI in Photoshop

The developer reveals some nuances about how the tool will work with the involvement of artificial intelligence. The system will self-learn, but only using images for which the company has permission. That is, it can be pictures from Adobe Stock. It is also possible to involve content with public access. Plus, artificial intelligence will be able to use images for which no one has put forward any rights.

Photoshop AI image generator

On the one hand, this means certain restrictions for the user. On the other hand, working with the program is calmer, since you definitely won’t have to expect anyone’s claims. This is especially important if you are using Photoshop for commercial purposes, otherwise there may be legal consequences.

The company's senior vice president of digital media comments on the innovation, focusing on the benefits for customers. Namely, they benefit by speeding up many processes without losing quality, which is valuable in itself.
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