Verification of Facebook and Instagram has become paid. Currently only for US residents

Verification of Facebook and Instagram has become paid. Currently only for US residents

Details about innovation

The fact that the account has been verified is indicated by a blue tick. According to the founder of the company, this service is designed to increase the security of social networks. To verify the authenticity of the profile, the user is charged $12 monthly. But only under the condition of direct payment with Meta.

If you make payments through intermediary sites, the blue tick will cost even more. For example, acting through the App Store or Google Play stores, you will have to pay $15 already. The amount grows quite noticeably due to the commission.

However, within the project, which was called Meta Verified, the user is entitled not only to a blue tick, but also to certain preferences. Namely, after verification, access to unique stickers for Stories and Reels opens.

Instagram and Facebook verification

It is worth noting that the Meta Company promises not to deprive the blue ticks of the owners of those accounts that managed to verify their profiles earlier. This project differs from the conditions stipulated by Twitter. Recall that after the microblogging social network launched paid verification, the corresponding badges received earlier without payment disappeared, so those who want to return them have to pay – $11 per month for those who pay for the blue tick on iOS, and $8 for everyone else.

Who does not have access to verification on Facebook and Instagram?

According to the rules, getting a blue tick is not available to all users of social networks from the Meta Company. First of all, paid verification is possible only after the age of 18. In addition, an adult US citizen today must meet a number of other conditions in order to undergo the procedure:

  • provide your own identification document;
  • enable two-factor authentication on your account;
  • demonstrate activity on social networks.

There is another limitation that entails “a blue tick”. The fact is that after verification, the user will no longer be able to change freely the name and surname. It also makes it more difficult to change your date of birth and even set a new profile photo. More precisely, such actions will be possible, however, to do them you will have to undergo re-confirmation.
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