The flagship Xiaomi 13 Ultra will receive 1 TB of flash memory and a top camera

The flagship Xiaomi 13 Ultra will receive 1 TB of flash memory and a top camera

Technical details about Xiaomi's flagship smartphone

So that users do not deny themselves the free use of the gadget, shooting videos and taking photos almost limitlessly, Xiaomi 13 Ultra has provided 1 TB flash memory. True, it is not yet known how capacious the battery of the device will be. Hints have leaked to the press that the battery is expected to be quite large. It is also reported that the model will support 90-watt charging. But details about the battery are still hushed up.

However, it has already been established that the model will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2. This eight-core processor is currently recognized as the best among smartphone used in production. During testing, it showed excellent results in both performance and energy efficiency.

Camera Xiaomi 13 Ultra

There was also information in the media about which innovative solutions the brand uses to create the flagship. For example, it has been suggested that Xiaomi 13 Ultra will be equipped with a Sony IMX989 sensor, which has been called a super sensor. Since it is expected to be applicable in combination with the Leica image processing system, the smartphone will be able to produce flawless photos.

But that's not all the solutions that the flagship will please its users soon, as it will also be equipped with three Sony IMX858 sensors and several telephoto lenses: with 3x and 5x magnification, as well as ultra wide-angle.

Finally, according to some reports, in this model, the Korean concern will prefer the most modern connection standard, abandoning USB 2.0, which has not only advantages, but also disadvantages.

Expectations VS reality: will the flagship live up to expectations?

Although Xiaomi 13 Ultra has not yet been released, a lot of excitement has already been created around it. Experts who know the details of the smartphone call it the "‎killer" of Apple and Samsung‎.

However, it is prematurely to give an accurate assessment of technology that has not yet gone on sale. Moreover, earlier the Korean brand sparingly shared versions of the Ultra category. For example, only China saw the Xiaomi 12S Ultra and the model never got to the European market.

Probably Xiaomi 13 Ultra will have a different fate. At least, such assumptions are prompted by the statement of the chief executive officer of a corporation from South Korea. Namely, in 2022, Lei Jun promised that the next version of Ultra will be available on the global market.
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