The Tribez: Build a Village

The Tribez: Build a Village - We would like to go back in the past? With this game you will have such an opportunity, but also you will be the main tribe in the wild. Only with your help can reach the heights of the tribe, in fact teach them lead you. With your help, uneducated race to build the first houses for himself and later the first village, you will need to explore the mountains, the sea and the field, as well as interact with other leaders. To fight against them, or to be friends to you. The game is very high quality and colorful graphics, and even have the option of training dinosaurs.

Cache games The Tribez: Build a Village: unzip the archive into a folder of/sdcard/Android/obb/

♻ NEW VERSION BY December 16, 2016

Download The Tribez: Build a Village:
DOWNLOAD APKv6.4.1 (20.2 Mb)