Download Idle Robots MOD a lot of money 2.7.3 APK

Idle Robots MOD a lot of money — Humanity's new discoveries are constantly learning new things, making breakthroughs by discovering new technologies or inventions. In this game, you will make technological discoveries on your own, using your knowledge and capabilities to create nanotech robots. Build your robot step by step, from head to toe, detail by detail, and perfect every detail of your invention. The advanced lab makes it easy to program the robot. Gradually attach small parts, microcircuits, assemble the complete stuffing and clad the body.

Unlock technological items such as T800, R2-D2, D.O.G, ARM, with which you will diversify the development of perfect robotics. Sell the items you create to humanity and rush to invent new robots. The game has a large assortment of assemblies from various elements for building the iconic robots of our time. Invent, create and make money doing what you love, and become a tycoon in the development of smart technology that can replace hard human labour.

Download Idle Robots MOD a lot of money:
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