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Breaking Bad: Criminal Element - A cool multiplayer online strategy game for android. The game is based on the American TV crime drama "Breaking Bad", created by Vince Gilligan who is also known to the public for works such as: "The X-Files" and "Better Call Saul". Breaking Bad: Criminal Element strategy, created by Tilting Point, will appeal to fans of the cult series, which has been acknowledged as one of the best shows on American TV in its genre, and also has received a lot of awards.

In the game you will of course play as the main characters of the series, Walter Hartwell White and Jesse Bruce Pinkman, buying an old trailer you will start from the very bottom of your future career. At first you'll have to create your products using stolen chemistry equipment from university and sourcing the ingredients you need to make them yourself, but that soon changes - or does it!? What could be better than a modern professional laboratory, with quality professional equipment - all this and more you can get by downloading Breaking Bad: Criminal Element to your smartphone, a portion of incredible emotions and memories of the series is guaranteed to you.

Features Breaking Bad: Criminal Element:

  • • Multiplayer - battle your skills against other players.
  • • Retaining all original character names and images - you are now the director and writer of this series.
  • • A clever plot twist - you won't get bored playing Breaking Bad: Criminal Element.
  • • Opportunity to build a huge empire - why stop at a small business expand to continents!
  • • Full control of operations - you want your equipment on the other side of the lab, no problem!
  • • Get it all at once - you want to have it all without doing anything - attack your competitors and try to take their business away from them!
  • • Full immersion - good graphics and appropriate music immerse you in an incredible world of events unfolding in your favourite TV series!

Download Breaking Bad: Criminal Element:
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