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Last Shelter: Survival - Create an army of survivors to confront the living dead. This action strategy will immerse you in the crazy world of the end of the world, where there is no more joy and carefree past life. It's time to show all your best survival skills, get your rifle out of the box and embark on a historic battle of the living against the dead. You will find yourself in a shelter that is the last survivor in the city. The only home to save a man has to be defended all the time, build defenses and put military equipment near its walls. Defend the fortress at all costs, killing not only the infected, but also the hostile factions of people. With the help of defense towers equipped with weapons start the resistance.

Your main advantage in war is super technology, learning and creating new weapons to kill enemies, as well as expanding your fortress and improving it. Increase your chances of winning with improved vehicles on the battlefield, and by combining vehicles together you'll unlock a more advanced model of them. Collect rewards for completing missions, use your resources to unlock bases, buildings and fortify the walls of Sanctuary. Strengthen your ranks with capable heroes from 3 different factions, each with combat experience that will lead you to obligatory victory. Create the first and last empire of the end-of-the-world confrontation, establish your own orders in war, and raise the economy of your new country.

Do whatever it takes to win this war against the dead. Stop the end of the world with your perseverance and power, creating an alliance that will be able to stand against the reigning apocalypse.

Last Shelter: Survival OBB games: unzip the folder from archive into /sdcard/Android/obb/

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