Download Trojan War 2 MOD unlimited diamonds

Trojan War 2: Epic Battle of Sparta MOD unlimited diamonds - It's time to travel to the distant past, back to the time when Troy existed and, together with the glorious warriors, begin to create your own history. You will have to take part in the most massive battles against real players from around the world! Assemble your legion of valiant knights and go to war.

You'll have to crush the enemy's fortress, but to do that you'll have to come up with your own strategy! Improve your maps, learn new combat tactics, challenge the strongest players, and build your own empire. In addition, interesting game events, plenty of entry bonuses, and plenty of daily missions will await each player. Play and win, and discover completely new horizons!

You can't buy coins for diamonds!

Download Trojan War 2 MOD unlimited diamonds: