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Warhammer Quest Silver Tower MOD money - Start playing as the heroic champions of Warhammer, a huge number of levels await you in epic battles against the chaos of the Tower, which are built on the tactical strategy of the game. The Silver Tower of Chaos is simply teeming with vile monsters and their bosses with which you have to fight using the unique abilities of each hero. Complete the levels destroying monsters, gradually unlocking new heroes and replenishing your ranks with brave champions to fight the servants of chaos and powerful minions of the god of the Tzeentch legion. Only the strongest squad will be able to go through all these trials and tasks in the Tower of Chaos, in order to become just such a squad you need to pump your squad with new improvements, acquire new types of weapons and equipment, as well as make an ideal strategy in a turn-based dynamic battle, change champions by creating a completely new style of play.
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Download Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower MOD money:
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