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Religion inc. God Simulator & Sandbox World Create MOD free abilities - A unique strategy in which you have to create your own unique religion for humanity, create a new form of faith that will become a reliable support for people and, of course, could pass all the tests that await her on the way to the unity of all mankind.

Create your own unique religion that will help all of humanity on Earth to come to one single faith. Complete tasks and go through the tests of your faith, do everything possible so that they cannot doubt your new religion, go with it considerable time stages and changes in different eras. And also play as existing ancient real religions, study the customs and traditions of different cultures of belief in different times and use all the knowledge base to create your religion, taking into account every bizarre forms of beliefs of cultures.

Will you be able to create a new light faith across the globe, change the millennial statutes of other religions to your own, rather start playing to realize all this.

Download Religion inc. MOD free abilities:
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