Download Trojan War MOD money

Trojan War: Rise of the legendary Sparta MOD money - In this game you will be transported to the distant past, when the two great powers Troy and Sparta went to war. You will play the role of a great general who will lead the people of Sparta and avenge Troy for the stolen Queen Helen.

You will need good strategic skills and logical thinking, because without this it is simply impossible to win the war. Train your army, walk the hard and long road to victory and bring back the beautiful Queen Helen. Level up your soldiers, train them and resort to magical powers, travel to unknown lands and come one step closer to conquering Troy. Use your secret weapons and roll out the Trojan horse on the battlefield, smash the enemy camps and get ready for an epic battle.

As you know, the war between the Spartans and the Trojans lasted 10 years, all to no avail. Then Sparta decided to be cunning and created their own secret weapon, the Trojan Horse. This huge, soldier-filled Trojan horse was sent to Troy as a gift and reconciliation. And when this "gift" was inside the fortress of Troy, and all the soldiers were celebrating victory over Sparta, the soldiers inside the horse went out and opened the gates of their army, thus destroying the great Troy.

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