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Mafia City - There is no time to walk the righteous path, now only money decides how you live. Join the ranks of the mafia and fight for the title of "The Godfather". In this game, it doesn't matter where you are from and what kind you are, the main thing is your brothers, your new family, which will always help you solve very "dirty" cases. Play this brand new strategy game that doesn't forgive any missteps. Everything for real, live communication, live players, real gangs, families and of course a lot of conflicts. Will you be able to cope with all this, because in this game it is impossible to agree peacefully. Create your own clan and develop your own powers, hire only the best and solve issues with brute force. In the game, you will have access to 4 types of gangs: bikers, thugs, shooters, gangsters - they are all waiting to get into your team. Stop being in the background, it's time to download Mafia City and fight for power.

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