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朕的江山-經典三國志對戰版 - Shopping centers and large seamless maps to show the real picture of the overall period of three kingdoms.
The internal affairs of the military plan, resulting in the most orthodox of the game Three Kingdom play.
Game, you cross the period of Three kingdom, play one side of the princes, the development of the Interior, to expand its influence, the final connection of the world.
No right to play the game, not the kingdom of three or seven powers hegemony Yihuo eighteen princes unequal, one incision is happening here is closely linked with the efforts and.
One game is not the end of the board at the end, sum up experience, the incarnation of rebirth, began to write a new history!
[Three paintings, fiber cents]
The game uses real-time seamless large map of the world Combat Information One glance.
Is the talk of the town had to Zhang Hanzhong Wang secretly swallowed or Wu Jun, and can not escape his stuff.

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