Download Idle Quest Giver MOD unlimited stones/energy APK

Idle Quest Giver MOD unlimited stones/energy — Plunge into the world of invaders and professional mercenaries for challenging assignments, you will become part of the mercenary world where you are the main representative. Get busy and create your own tavern to attract all the mercenaries to your guild. Create the best conditions for the best assassins, mages and warriors to sleep and rest and take advantage of your services. Fill the tavern with rooms, entertainment rooms, rest rooms and rooms for honing each warrior's skills and fighting style. Become the best place to take a breather, open up access to new rooms offering more services for your heroes, and open up access to new missions and quests for experienced hunters. Follow the progress of your base, where each hero can gain new powers to challenge the battles.

Providing the best services raises your tavern rating, raising your base rating will give access to more travellers who are sure to take advantage of your tavern's services. Divert combat energy and take part in mini-games to see how good a weapon a warrior is. Only in your tavern can each hero become a better warrior through trials in your guild, as well as acquiring epic quality equipment and legendary weapons for all specialisations.

Download Idle Quest Giver MOD unlimited stones/energy:
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