Download Idle Music Festival Tycoon MOD free purchases

Idle Music Festival Tycoon MOD free purchases — Try yourself as the director of a huge music festival, host the most famous stars and be ready for the flow of tourists from all over the world! To get started you’ll need to rent a large outdoor area, build several stages and don’t forget the tourist spots! Half the battle is done, now it’s time to attract tourists! Make sure that your festival is not only fun, but also comfortable, build all kinds of attractions, courts with food and drinks, as well as all kinds of lounge areas.

The first attendees are coming, so set up a quick ticket sale and a comfortable seating area! Become the kings of music festivals, expand your arena, complete it with new stages and get ready for a big influx of fans. Let your festival become a corner of comfort and fun for all fans of different genres of music!

Download Idle Music Festival Tycoon MOD free purchases: