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Idle Shop Manager MOD ad-free - This is a bright small business simulator in which you can open your first grocery store chain and not only. Being in a small town, the idea of opening your own grocery store chain sounds like a real challenge for an entrepreneur, show what you're worth in the new fast-paced genre of passive income. It's time to open your first location in town and start the never-ending process of growing your small business, your first grocery store needs initial oversight. Hire staff for the store, make the sales and income process more comfortable. Attract more customers with an extensive selection of products on the store shelves, don't let the shelves go empty. Upgrade your store, new and improved products attract more customers, and the new price of the product increase the profit from its sales. Gradually expand your store with new products on new shelves to stay in business. Expand your small business opportunities by opening a chain of stores around town. Start running dozens of stores at a time, each store with a different range of products, more than 200 items in each store. New boutiques, bookstores, salons and even more stores that will meet the smallest needs of each of your customers. Run the whole production on passive management, earn income every second, properly managing the finances of the business enter the top in sales and wealth, become a small business magnate entrepreneur even in such a small town.
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