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Idle Magic School MOD ad-free award - A relaxing simulator will send you into the world of magic, in which you will begin to manage a magical school of magic. Teach young muggles magic, open courses and dispensaries, libraries, new grounds in order to become the best school in the magical world. To begin with you have to build your school in stages, set up the first educational rooms for young mages in which they will learn their first magic.

Keep an eye on the finances of the school, properly manage each income of the school. Develop it both intellectually and with the possibility of building a dormitory, which will help your school to recruit guests from different parts of the world, making them stay at the school for many years. Entertain your audience with competitions in which they can reach new ranks and ranks such as: Dragon Knight. This will help not only the students, but also the school itself, add to its popularity and fame, with this resource you can open up new auxiliary areas to the school, which will improve the educational activities for all students of the school.

Show everyone that your school is able to turn absolutely any muggle into a powerful wizard, thanks to various lessons using different machines at school, they will help every future wizard, to master and learn the highest rank of magic. Expand the opportunities of the college, new interesting infrastructure in the school for wizarding, as well as the installation of stores that will help to collect a considerable profit for further investment in the development of the magical school of magic.


☰ How do I use the mod?

ᐉ To use the MOD, you have to wait for the advertising reward to appear and just take it.

☰ Can I get rewards for advertising?

ᐉ You can receive rewards without having seen an advert

☰ Where can I use these resources?

ᐉ To use the resources, you simply need to spend them on improving the items that require them

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