Download Zombie Hospital - Idle Tycoon MOD unlimited money

Zombie Hospital - Idle Tycoon MOD unlimited money - A fast-paced hospital simulator in which you will have to become a real hero. Take charge of your own hospital in a post-apocalyptic world, begin to develop its technology to stop the disaster of infection in the whole world. The city in which you will be located has long ago turned into ruins, there is a dangerous virus wandering the streets, which has turned humans into zombies and it would seem there is no chance for mankind to have any salvation. Thanks to the survivors and their efforts, they were able to find a way out by building a shelter and a hospital within it. It is under your guidance that the scientists will be able to find that very healing pill for the zombies. Start your way as head of a small hospital from scratch, build the first wards and rooms, hire staff and the first scientists who will immediately start developing a vaccine against the virus. Take the first patients into special wards, supervise the autonomous work of your employees, monitor the course of treatment of patients and adjust it with your interventions to make it even more effective. Improve the hospital, turning it into an effective center for combating the zombie apocalypse, improve every department of the headquarters, expand it, building new centers and entire complexes for staff as well as patients.

Download Zombie Hospital - Idle Tycoon MOD unlimited money: