Download Popscene MOD unblocked editor 1.250.64 APK

Popscene MOD unblocked editor - This is the most realistic management simulation of your own music band. Conquer show business, albeit in your own fictional world, build your career as a pop star and set your own rules! You'll have access to over 150 unique characters, including exclusive celebrities who will only work according to your rules. Create your own music band and start recording your first hit.

Remember, to succeed you will need to follow all the important processes: reputation, popularity, talent, relationships, recording and of course happiness. All of these aspects will affect the spread and success of your group, because the more people like you, the longer you will be in the lead.

In addition, you can record hits in your own recording studio, hold concerts and set a fee for each visitor, invite superstars and even make real scandals! Live the life of real artists and become idols of millions, build your musical career and achieve the title of music legends!

Download Popscene MOD unblocked editor:
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