Download Love Sick: Interactive story games. MOD diamonds/keys

Love Sick: Interactive story games. Love Stories MOD diamonds/keys - Plunge headlong into a visual novel of the author, in which there are stunning romance stories, and in each novel you are the main character and the main director of any weave. Watch how the love story develops, in which you will make your own decisions in all plot moves, each novel has its own flavor, but the presence of a romantic story is a must, choose which author's novel you want to go through. Living life with your heroine, you will get acquainted with a large number of interesting people, visit many interesting places and meetings with your needy soul mate, which one she will always curl only from your chosen actions throughout the entire storyline, which you create yourself in this way. Help your heroine find easy ways to meet the opposite sex to find love, try on a variety of cool and all kinds of fashionable looks for every event, and create the best look for your heroine for your taste.

Download Love Sick: Interactive story games. MOD diamonds/keys: