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Getting Over It — Do you want to test your own nerves and prove to yourself that you can do absolutely anything? Then download this game and try to get to your destination. But it will be very difficult, because you will have only one chance to reach a new location, because only then will work save. One wrong move and you will have to start all over again.

Be careful, the game makes you want to drop everything and do other things, but do not give up, because the feeling of victory will exceed any other feelings. In addition, you can share your successes with a large audience of users, just turn on the broadcast and start trying to pass the game!) A big adrenaline rush is provided for you.

You need to pass the distance, clinging to all sorts of protrusions with a sledgehammer. But it will not be so easy, your hero will be in a cauldron of water, and except for the sledgehammer, you will have no other aids. Climb the mountains of junk higher and higher, and defeat your patience.

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