Download Horse Haven World Adventures

Horse Haven World Adventures — It’s time to bring a little goodness into the world and set up a paradise for the beautiful creatures, the horses. Set up an entire farm on a remote paradise corner of the world for horses that have been injured at the hands of man. Take care of them, brush, wash, feed and buy different accessories for horses, make their life a little better.

Also, in the game you will find the most exotic breeds of horses, make friends with them and send them to exhibitions, to appreciate all the beauty of the animal. You can also cross breeds to get more unique stallions. Create shelters for horses all over the world from the fabulous fields of France, picturesque settlements in England to paradisiacal islands. These animals need your help, they need your care, and for that they will reward you with love and gratitude! Each of your horses can become a true friend, who will even be ready to go with you to the races! Download the game and start taking care of these wonderful creatures of nature.

Download Horse Haven World Adventures: