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Vampire Survivors - A pixel-style survival game set in a world of vampires, witches, demons, werewolves and other monsters. Get ready for the most extreme survival with only your skills and, of course, a bit of luck with you. You'll start the game with just 1 hero, and then you'll have to rely on your survival skills. Can you defeat the hordes of monsters and survive?

Download Vampire Survivors onto your devices and try to defeat the undead. Head to your first location, the Mad Forest, where you will face an army of flying bloodsuckers, try to defeat powerful bosses and, of course, try not to die. As well as killing vampires and demons, you'll also need to gain experience from them. This experience can be used to unlock new weapons and passive skills. A successful combination of passive skills and weapons will allow you to

strengthen your character.

Unlock new achievements, earn gold and purchase new heroes. Unlock new maps, complete challenges and face Death himself! This game will definitely not leave you indifferent, you have a lot to develop and open new horizons with even stronger enemies!

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