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Albion Online - Become part of the big, cross-platform game Albion Online, create your own hero and begin your story. A huge world will open up for you to explore, but beware, because who knows what dangers and difficulties will be waiting for you ahead. It's not hard to download the game and start playing, it's much harder to improve your character and get stronger. Complete the tutorial at the beginning of the game and familiarize yourself with all the items to get out in a hurry in single-player campaigns.

There are no class characters in this game, all that will make you stronger is the armour you will wear. Explore this world for useful resources, try to master one of the lands and start settling there. Sell your resources, buy them from other players and lead an active game life.

Try to challenge adventurers just like you. But remember, every mistake will cost you precious loot! Don't be afraid to get stronger, and collect valuable rewards in battles. You can also become part of an alliance and team up with your allies to raid your tough opponents! Find your own style of play, experiment, explore and do battle in Albion Online!

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