Download The Greedy Cave MOD many crystals

The Greedy Cave MOD many crystals - The story began on the old island of Iblis. This place has long been forgotten by God and people who traveled could only stop for the night. One day a young boy got lost and stumbled upon a cave that was located on this island. He found there a whole gnat of gold! When people found out and the king found out, he sent the soldiers to clear the cave from the monsters. Since then, crowds of courageous people have gone there and taken away gold, many of whom were enveloped in a fever. Even the merchants began to put their shops near the cave. More people thirsting for forget about humanity. And somehow the unrecoverable happened, people began to disappear there. Everyone thinks and still, that they are killed by people who do not want to share the treasure. Are you ready to go there, the cave is teeming with monsters, can find there gold or death!

The Greedy Cave MOD OBB games: unzip the folder from archive into /sdcard/Android/obb/

Download The Greedy Cave MOD many crystals: