Download The Greedy Cave MOD crystals

The Greedy Cave MOD crystals - The story began on the old island of Iblis. It was a place long forgotten by God and people who traveled could only stay overnight. One day a young boy got lost and stumbled upon a cave that was located on this island. He found a whole gnat's worth of gold there! When the people found out and the king found out, he sent warriors to clear the cave of monsters. From then on, crowds of brave men went there and took the gold, a lot of people were enveloped in fever. Even merchants began to set up shop near the cave. People hungry for more had forgotten about humanity. And once the incorrigible happened, people began to disappear there. Everyone thinks, and still does, that they are killed by people who don't want to share the treasure. Are you ready to go there, the cave is crawling with monsters, maybe you will find gold or death there!

If you get thrown out of the game - just restart it!

Download The Greedy Cave MOD crystals: