Download Photo Finish Horse Racing

Photo Finish Horse Racing - Realistic horse racing simulator can become your favorite game on your android device! If you love horses, are engaged in equestrian sports or just want to become a little closer to this kind of sport and horses, then you should definitely download this game. Make your dreams come true and become a champion in equestrian sports! Realistic graphics, a big variety of horse breeds and of course racing - all this makes the game incredibly interesting and atmospheric.

Move to your ranch and start breeding horses for racing, train stallions and bring them to the field for racing. And to make sure luck is on your side, you should stand out a bit and buy unique skins, uniforms for your racehorses. Get ready, horse racing is even more gambling sport than racing the fastest cars. Make friends with the elite racehorses and they are sure to snatch victory for you!

Download Photo Finish Horse Racing: