Download Be the Judge: Court Justice MOD many coins 1.9.1 APK

Be the Judge: Court Justice MOD many coins — Ready to start sentencing suspects, upholding justice and bringing sanity to the world. Hurry up and join the cause, this puzzle will test you on the fairness of your decisions. By experiencing the full burden of the role of judge, you will help others gain faith in the justice and fairness of the law. This courtroom is yours, you are the judge, and only your word will decide the fate of every criminal.

In your quest for true justice, reincarnate as a detective and bring the right tools and materials with you. Search the crime scene for clues and leads. Use a magnifying glass to examine the details of the case, find the culprit, and bring him to the courtroom. Reach a final verdict based on the evidence you find, rely on honesty and a fair decision, making the world a kinder place. The game will give you different options, be a fair judge relying on honesty and common sense, or become ruthless to the victims of circumstance. Make bizarre accusations that will become final.

Download Be the Judge: Court Justice MOD many coins:
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