Download Rescue Hero: Pull The Pin MOD Gold 2.6.3 APK

Rescue Hero: Pull The Pin MOD Gold - It's time for feats of valiant knights. How many fairy tales have been written about the beautiful knight and his princess, about unprecedented treasures and fire-breathing dragons, it's time for the fairy tale to become reality! Embark on a grand journey to save the princess, where you will need not only your strength, but also your wits! After all, to save the princess, you will have to solve a very tricky puzzle, one wrong step and the princess could die!

Think through your rescue plan, remove unnecessary things, take advantage of the situation and get safely to the goal, and at the same time take the treasure. With each level the obstacles will become more difficult, and you will need some good choices not only to save the princess, but also to defeat the fire-breathing dragon! Play, develop your logic, and become the heroes who really save the princesses!


☰ Can I connect to a Google account for this game?

ᐉ In this version of the game you will not be able to connect to Google accounts and services

☰ How do I get a MOD gold?

ᐉ To get the MOD gold, you need to go to the in-game shop and click on the "FREE" button

Download Rescue Hero: Pull The Pin MOD Gold:
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