Download Angry Birds Journey MOD coins/life 3.1.0 APK

Angry Birds Journey MOD coins/life - Get ready to be part of the avian universe, befriend cute teenage birds and discover a whole new world! Funny adventures are already waiting for you, our heroes had a carefree vacation with their younger brothers and sisters - eggs, but the badass pigs decided to ruin the whole weekend. They stole the eggs and intend to do something bad with them! You need to mobilize and help the birds to fight back the pigs.

In your arsenal you will have a huge slingshot and a bunch of brave birds with their own special skills. Use your slingshot and destroy the pig structure! The game has many interesting levels, many new characters, an exciting plot and a colorful world! Hurry to join the unforgettable adventure and punish the nasty pigs!

Download Angry Birds Journey MOD coins/life:
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