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Whatcar - Guess the car! - For you it's just a trolley cars, razvozyaschie people by their deeds? Or two hundred year history of improving personal transportation? You used to ride in the passenger seat or the driver?
If you are really interested in cars and their history and prospects, the game Whatcar you strongly hooked.
It is necessary to guess the vehicles shown in the photo. Period covered cars in history Whatcar - 50-ies of the last century, to modern electric vehicles.
The game does not lose sight of any of at least any significant car car culture. If you guess the car in one generation twice - it will appear in your garage. This is the main goal of the game: Collect them all! Catch five hundred cars have different producing countries, eras and generations.
We have a good time to pass by guessing the names of car legends and little-known machines.

Download Whatcar — Guess the car!:
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