Stick it to the man

Stick it to the man - Zoink Games has already released an unusual adventure game that had already left for the PC and consoles, and now will be released for Android devices.
The game is very interesting and the dynamics of its atmosphere, because the player gets to the unusual and mysterious world where everything is very bizarre. You have to play for the main character's name is Ray. Once Ray fell head and since then it has a unique ability to read the thoughts of the characters, and he does it with the help of which grew out of his head by hand, and even Ray is able to change the world.
The game is designed to a very high quality, and most importantly has a very atmospheric perception. Do not forget the developers to add here and puzzle turned out very funny and interesting. All the action takes place in a strange and very absurd world where everywhere there are very colorful and interesting characters, can not give the player to get bored.

As we have learned from reliable sources, very soon the game will be released on the android, the truth will remain the game is the same, or there is something radically change say is not possible, but we know what a fun atmosphere will not go anywhere, and probably will be even better and saturation. Follow us to be aware of all new products.

Download Stick it to the man: