Download Crystalux. New Discovery

Crystalux. New Discovery - The basis of the game is taken the original many familiar Crystalux, game developers claim that they have done something new and original like no one puzzle, even though the game and made on the basis of the old already known game but the developers have tried their best and have introduced a lot of really cool stuff, but about this order.
IceCat as mentioned above have the basis the original version of the game, left in it those levels are like players, and added many new, as the game became a lot more levels they are now more than 300, do not forget the developers as well and the schedule of the game, the new version it became better and now it has the quality of Full HD, also in the new version you will offer to show the collected images to friends in social networks, such as the Instagram, as an opportunity to move your saved games to another device, which incidentally was missing in the original version game, but it requires Facebook. As developers promise us a huge amount of improvements, as well as the secrets!

Download Crystalux. New Discovery:
DOWNLOAD APKv1.0.7 (40.8 Mb)