Download Call of Guns MOD E-Coins 1.8.55 APK

Call of Guns: FPS PvP Arena 3D MOD E-Coins - Prepare to be transported into real cyberspace, where you'll be treated to some great pvp content. Grab your weapon and get ready for battle! Choose from dozens of heroes with unique abilities, choose your favorite, and get to training hard. Choose from a variety of modes and go head-to-head against your enemies! Whoever is more agile and more accurate wins!

A large number of weapons, skins and combinations you can use in the game! Shoot at range, play as a team, prove yourself in tactical combat and leave no chance for your opponents to win! Intuitive controls help any newcomer adapt to the game. In addition, the shooter is fully optimized for weak devices as well, play and have fun!

Download Call of Guns MOD E-Coins:
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