Download Stick War - Stickman Battle MOD gems/coins 1.3.3 APK

Stick War - Stickman Battle MOD gems/coins — Commander, the Stickmen are ready to fight at your side and are awaiting orders! Join this exciting strategy where you'll try to conquer the throne! Assemble the strongest army possible, consisting of: archers, mages, lances, swordsmen, giants and more! Plan your own strategy, build up a legion and send your soldiers into battle!

Large-scale wall-to-wall battles where not only strength, but also the ability to command entire legions determines victory! Can you defeat your enemy in just a few strategic moves? Then you need to download the game and train your army. Only the strongest, wisest commanders will get the golden throne!

Download Stick War - Stickman Battle MOD gems/coins:
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