Download Merge Witches-Match Puzzles MOD free purchases 4.42.0 APK

Merge Witches-Match Puzzles MOD free purchases — Learn the magic of fusion, rebuild the celestial city and awaken its inhabitants from their deep slumber. The game takes you to a beautiful beyond-the-world city, where good witches lived all their lives and balance reigned all around them. But the dark side didn’t like that too much was given to the light side, the darkness thickened and put a spell on the beautiful witches' paradise. Help the witches wake up from the spell again and save all living things, it’s time for you to awaken the magic of fusion!

Link the same sprouts together to awaken the other plants. Collect magical feathers and unlock new plants, wake up the witch and she’ll be sure to help you break the spell on the other animals and plants. Discover more and more enchanted places, break the spells with fusion magic!


☰ How do I avoid being blocked in the game?

ᐉ To avoid a ban in the game, we advise you to play with the Internet turned off or install the original version of the game

☰ How do I use the MOD?

ᐉ To use the MOD, simply shop for in-game diamonds

Download Merge Witches-Match Puzzles MOD free purchases:
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