Download Granny MOD the monster does not attack

Granny MOD the monster does not attack - Get ready for Granny's most unwanted visit. This is a horror arcade game with puzzle elements, a creepy abandoned house awaits you in the most remote place in which you will be locked and your main task is to find the keys to the doors and an exit to stay alive, for all this you will have 5 terrible days. Start exploring the house, find objects and clues that will help you find a way out of the house, while you must remember that your slightest careless movement will be immediately heard by Grandma and will rapidly begin to move towards you. In order not to meet with an unfriendly Granny, find places that will help you hide and not get caught in the eye of an evil Granny, for example: in closets, chests or under the bed, and maybe this will save your life. Do not underestimate the crazy Granny, she will definitely find you so that this does not happen all the time, move on in search of keys, do not forget about the various traps that Grandma loves to set in her house.

Download Granny MOD the monster does not attack: