Download Super MoonBox 2 MOD unlocked

Super MoonBox 2 MOD unlocked - An exciting survival sandbox game in which you will build a world where one side or the other will defend against each other and try to survive in a harsh pixel world. Choose your side and protect them, you can create people, as well as zombies, but you choose your favorites. Each person has their own ability and activity that they will perform, before you create a character you can look at their characteristics and choose the right one. Create your own enemy, complicate your gameplay by creating truly powerful enemies, be careful because when you kill a person with a zombie, he automatically turns into an enemy or an ally, replenishing your squad with a new warrior. Become the strongest leader, control your heroes, build a small but secure settlement for them, survive and begin to dominate the land and build your own order.

Download Super MoonBox 2 MOD unlocked: