Download Spaceflight Simulator MOD unlocked

Spaceflight Simulator MOD unlocked — Have you ever dreamed of going into space and exploring our infinite universe? Then you have a unique chance to try to look beyond the atmosphere of the Earth. And for this you need to download this game and build your own rocket! You will have everything you need to master the complex science of rocket science, just pick up the right components and arrange a couple of practice takeoffs. It's important not to miss anything, otherwise your rocket won't fly anywhere beyond the Earth's atmosphere. Build a rocket, gather your strength and take off, conquer the vastness of space, explore all the astronomical objects.

Available Planets and Satellites:
  • Mercury — closest planet to the Sun.
  • Venus — a planet with a dense atmosphere and high air temperature.
  • Earth — our "living" planet.
  • Moon — satellite of the Earth.
  • Mars — a red planet with a thin atmosphere.
  • Phobos — the inner satellite of Mars with a relief surface.
  • Deimos — outer satellite of Mars with a smooth surface.

Download Spaceflight Simulator MOD unlocked: