Download Woodturning MOD money

Woodturning MOD money - You have the opportunity to become the best lathe master, thanks to this simple simulator, you can create incredible wood products by working on your lathe, take orders from customers and delight them with excellent woodwork. Start your busy schedule with your first order, find the right cutters, polishing sponges and wheels to get the best out of your job, and start the wood polishing and painting process. You will be able to observe the work of realistic wood processing, adapting your creative ideas and efforts to this. Submit the client's order as beautiful as possible, with the help of multi-colored paint you can create a bright figure, as well as make your own exclusive stencil, cutting out beautiful lines and patterns on the wood. Unlock a new arsenal of battles for woodworking and polishing, thereby improving the quality of your work and new opportunities for clients, and the flourishing of your workshop.

+9999 money after each completed level!

Download Woodturning MOD money: