Download BOKU BOKU MOD many candies 1.0.263 APK

BOKU BOKU MOD many candies - An addictive simulator in which you can create your own block world with the various blocks that the game provides you, become the master of his world, make your world unique and rich, share the game development with other players or start playing and build with them in multiplayer mode.

Open your own playgrounds for tests, creating the complexity and various traps yourself. And as the game will please you with a simple control which will cope inexperienced players and even children, the constant progression of the game content will not let you get bored, and will give even more new development!

Create your own world or take advantage of the special world generation, where you can see many beautiful places and ideas for your world. Make huge changes to your character by dressing him in a new outfit and changing his appearance, matching every detail to yourself, create your own style and uniqueness.

Download BOKU BOKU MOD many candies:
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